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Clinical Analysis

Clinical analysis

Clinical tests can help us identify and diagnose diseases. For this reason, it is very important to have correct storage for them.

Thanks to the information acquired by a wide variety of chemists, analysts, doctors and laboratory technicians, we have developed the ” clinical analysis ” range.

At Elite bags we have ensured medical transport in the safest way possible by creating our isothermal bags. Offering good quality control in the preservation of whole blood, plasma and serum, urine samples, fecal matter …

The category is made up of 5 medical bags: Isolabs, Rows, Rows XL, Mini cools and Cools. These bags guarantee extractions at an ideal temperature.

These isothermal medicine cabinets are designed with the best materials and dimensions for the storage of analyzes in laboratories, clinics, veterinarians, hospitals, medical centers and homes.

Our briefcases and cases allow healthcare professionals to carry out high-quality extractions or collect samples.
We offer insulation, security and a correct temperature in the materials housed inside.

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