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Medium size isothermal bag for sample extractions
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Weight (approx) 2,96 kg
Dimensions (approx) 25 × 21 × 40 cm
Capacity (Liters) (approx)






Recommended maximum content (Kg)


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The highly versatile and cleverly designed Elite MINI COOL’S makes a good sized isothermal biological samples carry bag, with space for retaining 176 blood collection tubes, up to 12 urine or stool samples and a removable, dedicated pouch for associated clinical materials. The compartmentalised nature of the storage pouches also means this bag makes for an excellent option for the transportation and temporary storage of a wide range of perishable materials, with applications a diverse as vaccination campaigns and field or clinical research studies. With three independently removable, isothermal, zipped sample pouches, specimens and be added or removed from the appropriate sample tray without the need to expose other samples to the external environment, helping to maintain a cool interior for optimal storage. The integrated thermometer with external digital display allows the temperature of the storage area to be continuously monitored, without any requirement to open the bag or expose samples.

  • Large isothermal compartment three individually removable sample pouches.
  • Integrated thermometer with external digital display.
  • Dedicated pockets within each sample pouch for gel cool packs (such as the Elite Gel).
  • Four individual foam tube racks, each with sufficient capacity to hold 44 blood collection tubes.
  • Urine and stool sample pouch with movable and removable dividers for flexible configurations and space for 9-12 containers.
  • Clear fronted equipment pouch to carry pocket sharps bin (such as the Elite Conbio’s []), syringes, needles PPE and other associated materials.
  • Strong, padded handle and removable shoulder strap for comfortable carrying, even when full.
  • Rear trolly strap allows bag to me mounted or stacked on a wheeled trolly (such as Elite CARRY’S)

SKU: EB04.007 Category:
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