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Device for holding and immobilising patients on a spine board. Used to facilitate the safe transfer of a patient from point A to B.
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100% Polyethylene



Pictures are only for reference. Colours may vary.
The Octopus Rescue System is a safety strapping system that allows any subject to be efficiently and safely immobilised on a spinal board. It is designed for maximum adjustability, preventing both horizontal and vertical slippage during evacuation or rescue. Each strap is colour coded and each one identifies the function and placement of the subject on the spinal board. The Elite Bags Octopus Rescue System includes:
1 Blue strap – chest restraint.
1 Orange strap – arm restraint.
1 Triangular harness.
1 Red strap – hip restraint.
2 Yellow straps – iliac crest restraint.
1 Green strap – lower leg/foot restraint.
1 Black strap – 1 metre restraint extension.
Each strap is screen-printed with placement indicators and features sturdy, adjustable quick release pinch buckle for easy and secure restraint. A safety lock on the red hip strap prevents accidental release by the restrained patient.
Designed for professionals and emergency teams, including emergency health technicians, fire brigades, rescue teams, military and civil protection teams, ski patrol and lifeguards.
Supplied with carry bag featuring a transparent window to allow easy identification and contents checking, strong handle and high-vis reflective trim.

User’s Guide

1 Blue strap – chest restraint.
1 Orange strap – arms restraint.
1 Triangular harness, V-shaped iliac crest
1 Red strap – hip restriant.
2 Yellow straps iliac restraint.
1 Green strap – lower leg / foot restraint.
1 Black strap ( 1 metre ) – strap extension.
1 Carry bag with label and batch.
CE MARKING with screen-printing on main straps: BLUE, RED AND GREEN.
Straps measurements:
BLUE: 250 x 4 x 0,1 cm
ORANGE: 100 x 2,5 x 0,1 cm
RED: 300 x 4 x 0,1 cm
YELLOW: 160 x 4 x 0,1 cm
GREEN: 360 x 4 x 0,1 cm
BLACK: 100 x 4 x 0,1 cm
extra orange: 60 x 2,5 x 0,1 cm
EUROFINS Softtline & Leather LABORATORY TESTS. Maximum load: 250 kg.
Regardless of the level of knowledge or previous experience in the use of immobilisation devices, it is recommended all instructions are read carefully BEFORE any evacuation and/or rescue intervention.



SKU: EB16.005 Categories: ,
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