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UNO onepack

Emergency splint
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Weight (approx) 0,38 kg
Dimensions (approx) 31 × 0,5 × 40 cm




Pictures are only for reference. Colours may vary.

Multipurpose splint and traction device for supporting upper and lower limbs in emergency medical situations.

Modular design: Attach multiple UNO frames to each other easily – the whole surface of the frame is covered in low-profile hook-and-loop straps.

Stepless adjustment: The UNO comes with ultra-low profile straps, that adhere strongly and allow you to adjust the angles, tightness, and joints steplessly.

Small and lightweight: The three-pack weighs only 900 grams and contains everything that’s needed. The UNO can be packed into a flat frame or a cylindrical tube, traveling anywhere with you.

Compatible with TCCC equipment.

The UNO is designed to work in trauma situations where critical bleeding or blocked airways may be present. It’s fully compatible with:

  • Tourniquettes
  • IO needles
  • Wound dressings
  • Larynx masks
  • Spine boards
  • Intubation tubes
  • Tracheostomy
  • Collar splints

SKU: EB16.001 Category:
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