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Protective Blanket
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Weight (approx) 1,30 kg
Dimensions (approx) 165 × 165 cm


Pictures are only for reference. Colours may vary.
The Shield protective blanket has been specifically designed for use during extractions from road traffic accidents. Used to cover the and protect the vehicle occupant  during the extraction process, it features 4 powerful magnets that allow the fabric to be secured to the vehicle chassis, reducing unwanted movement. A replaceable transparent window in the blanket can be placed in front of the occupant’s face, facilitating communication during extraction.
Its light, waterproof material also makes an excellent item to have packed when preparing for responding to emergencies in remote regions or challenging climates. Fluorescent yellow and reflective, it is impossible to miss, even in poor lighting conditions! This can be a lifesaver, literally, when it is critical the user is easily spotted.

– 4 high force (35lb) magnets attach to car F:F[5] preventing movement during rescue operation.
– Made from 600d polyester and treated with water repellent.
– Coloured with reflective, fluorescent yellow pigment for excellent visibility even in low light conditions.
– Rounded corners
– High-quality PVC transparent central window for maintaining visibility of the covered patient.
– Durable, red carry bag built from 600d polyester with padded handle and reflective banding.


SKU: EB05.011 Categories: ,
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