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Holster for carrying of torch and multi tool
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Weight (approx) 0,1 kg
Dimensions (approx) 10,5 × 14 × 4 cm




Pictures are only for reference. Colours may vary.

Two in one, for storage of torch and multi tool or rescue knife together in one holster, but in two separate compartments.

TWIN Holster is successful combination of the tried and tested TOOL holster and LED holster. Its two compartments can be individually adjusted to requirement of stored items and be opened separately.
Every compartment is equipped with the plastic ring at bottom for protection against unintentional switching on of the TEE-LIGHT flash-lights, which is well known from TEE-UU flash-light holsters.
Small side-on elastic pockets provide space for storage of spare batteries or pen.

Thanks to fixation of TEE-UU logo with hook-and-loop fastener, it can easily be removed if required, e.g. due to field of operation etc.

Belt loop, made of tearproof Hypalon allows for both, vertical or horizontal attachment of holster to TEE-UU paramedic belts.

  • 2 equal and separate openable main compartments
  • 2 slim elastic side-on pockets
  • belt loop made of Hypalon
  • detachable TEE-UU Logo
SKU: TE05.141 Categories: , , ,
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