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Garment Bag
SKU: TE05.086
Weight (approx) 2,95 kg
Dimensions (approx) 37 × 79 × 35 cm





Reflective Bands, Wheels

Pictures are only for reference. Colours may vary.

The TEE-UU TROLLEYBAG is your perfect bag when you have to take a lot of equipment with you. No matter if you are on your way to a training center, ambulance or fire station – inside the TROLLEYBAG you will find a lot of storage space. In case bag is too heavy for carrying you can use it as a trolley thanks to its big and robust rolls.

The large main compartment (capacity: 80 liters) is designed for storage of complete protective clothing. Boots or wet clothes can be stowed away inside of two closable synthetic bags, included in delivery.
Further equipment such as writing case, desk set etc. can either be stowed in inner net pockets or exterior compartment. Entirely padding protects items inside of bag against damage.
Small front pocket provides space for storage of small items such as charge cable for your mobile, wallet etc.

To make carrying comfortable bag is equipped with ergonomic carrying handle. For even more comfort, you can pull it like a trolley. Thanks to robust, big rolls and rugged slide bars at bottom also stairs are no obstacle for the TROLLEYBAG

Plastic pocket at front (9x 6 cm) is ideal suitable for labelling.

  • big, padded main compartment (approx. 80 liters) with:
       – 2 net pockets at the inside
       – 2 closeable, foldable synthetic bags in different colors
  • exterior compartment (65 x 30 cm)
  • organizer-compartment (25 x 25 cm) with pockets for pens and small items
  • plastic pocket (9 x 6 cm) for labelling
  • robust zippers
  • ergonomic carrying handle
  • trolley handle at front side
  • robust and big trolley-rolls
  • slide bars at bottom
  • reflective stripes at two sides
  • hook-and-loop straps (38 x 5 cm) at both sides for optional mounting of additional reflective stripes or labelling
SKU: TE05.086
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