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Coloured compartments
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Weight (approx) 0,16 kg
Dimensions (approx) 29 × 9 × 10 cm
Capacity (Liters) (approx)




Pictures are only for reference. Colours may vary.

This four coloured equipment pouches are designed with the needs of medical staff and emergency services in mind. With one of each, the red (EB09.060) denoting the circulatory system, blue (EB09.061) for the respiratory system, green (EB09.062) for surgical materials and yellow (EB09.063) for paediatrics, these pouches provide an excellent means to organise and transport clinical materials and instruments.

Tough, transparent lids make identifying contents fast and easy, even before the pouches are opened. Long, reflective zip pull tabs ensure zips are easy to spot and open, even in poor lighting conditions.

Ideal for arranging critical items needed for response situations in a logical manner. Easily stowed in Elite first aid and emergency bags.

  • Durable, transparent PVC lids. Easily cleaned and allow for contents to be displayed even when closed.
  • Colour coded for better organisation of clinical materials and instruments.
  • Long, double ended zip with large, reflective pull tabs.
SKU: EB09.017 Category:
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