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Paramedic Belt
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Weight (approx) 0,25 kg
Dimensions (approx) 5 × 90 cm



L, M, S, XL



Pictures are only for reference. Colours may vary.

Using holsters for carrying of equipment has become a widely accepted course of action throughout the emergency services.
At operations holsters allow for quick and immediate access to essential equipment. But wearing a holster at common belts is often uncomfortable and disturbing, especially during on-call time or when lying down.
The BLACK Paramedic Belt is the perfect solution, to guarantee for both: having equipment immediately at hand when needed and feeling comfortable during on-call time or break.
All round reflective stripe enhances visibility during operations.

The well-thought design, consisting of two interacting belts allows for flexible use of BLACK Paramedic Belt, depending on situation: small lower belt is used as common belt an provides for wearing comfort of your trousers during on-call time, while upper belt with mounted holsters is lying in ambulance car or wardrobe etc.
In case of an emergency call, 50 mm wide upper belt is attached to the lower belt within seconds, thanks to the large hook-and-loop fastener. Durable and easy to operate buckle ensures for secure fastening of upper belt.

Clever zipper pocket at lower belt can be used to stow money or other valuables protected against loss or theft.
Furthermore, a total of four fixation straps for holsters, one of them with plastic eyelet for attachment of a key ring or similar items are included in delivery. The fixation straps provide for firm hold of all holsters which are attached to belt. Additional strap with unique GLOVE-FIX system from TEE-UU for attachment of protective gloves is also included in delivery. Gloves only need to be folded and fixated with the hook-and-loop fastener and therefore are immediately at hand, when needed.


ive lengths from S to XXL allow for perfect fit.

– size S:        70 –   90 cm
– size M:        85 – 105 cm
– size L:       100 – 120 cm
– size XL:     115 – 135 cm
– size XXL:   130 – 150 cm

  • integrated zipper pocket for valuables at lower belt
  • suitable for mounting of any of TEE-UU holster
  • attachment of upper belt within a few seconds
  • easy to open buckle (50 mm)
  • GLOVE-FIX system for immediate access to protective gloves
SKU: TE05.071 Categories: ,
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