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ELITE BAGS, S.L. is a high specialized organization in their context doing design activities, production managements and merchandising of briefcases, bags, vests and their accessories, for emergencies, home assistance, first aid, sports therapy, clinical analysis, diabetes and rescue, for professional and military use.

During the development of these activities, Elite Bags, S.L. take on the commitment of satisfying the client’s expectations, understanding quality as a responsibility of all their employees.

From that way, the Company’s Management establishes that quality policy being appropriate to the purpose and the context of the organization.

We are always looking for the excellence in our products and services with a quality management system based in the international standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015, putting our maximum effort in our job always with the finality to increase our client satisfaction. In addition, the organization uses the risk assessment methodology of the process to prevent possible system deviations, as well as opportunities.

The Company’s Management considers this Declaration of Commitment and Leadership as an integral part of its business and, therefore, a priority in the entire management line, ensuring its publicity, understanding and compliance at all levels of Elite Bags, S.L.

With this purpose, it will be regulated by the following purposes:

  • Achieve the accorded necessities with clients and legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our activity, giving all the necessary and taking into account their necessities and expectations of the interested parts.
  • Providing the necessary resources for the compliance of this declaration of commitment and the established objectives.
  • Make public and put in knowledge of all the staff the Quality Policy.
  • Qualify the staff permanently, to do it competent to fulfil their responsibilities take part in the continuous improvement of processes.
  • Guarantee that in the business processes of Elite Bags, S.L. the requirements of the quality management system are integrated.
  • Implement actions that reduce, eliminate or prevent the causes that make the incorrect operation of some of the Elite Bags processes, to achieve the planned results, as well as continuously understand the management of all our resources to achieve greater efficiency.
  • Regularly monitor the compliance of that policy and quality objectives.