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Weight (approx) 0,055 kg
Dimensions (approx) 13 × 1,50 × 1,50 cm




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Glow in dark Serum tweezers

The ingenious powerful twin clips of the Luminescent Serum Clip provide a simple and effective solution to the problem of hands free maintenance of IV bags. Bags can be affixed to garments trolleys, or any suitable support, simply be clipping one end to the bag and the other to the item used to hold the position of the IV drip. With sufficient grip to easily hold 1,000ml bags, this device frees up those involved to continue to provide care without the need to worry about maintaining the position of a drip.

Magnetic glow in dark flashlight.

This compact multi functional warning light and torch has three settings, providing either a fixed white directional beam torch, a fixed red light to indicate warning, or a flashing red light used in emergency situations. The folding design with magnetic clips allow it to be secured on clothing, bags or equipment. Also luminescent, this highly portable light is invaluable when working in low light situations.


  • Powerful double ended clips used to hang serum bags from a variety of improvised supports or clothing.
  • Built using luminescent materials for excellent visibility in low light environments.
  • Can support up to 1,000ml bags.


  • Luminescent body.
  • Three light settings, white beam, red beam or intermittent, red flashing light.
  • Magnetic clip for securing to clothing or bags.
SKU: EB09.041 Category:
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