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The bags from Elite Bags are made with excellent materials, making them durable and highly adaptable to each work situation.

Different models focused for each profession.

Home Care Bags are perfect for doctors that need to take care of patients outside the consulting room, clinics or hospitals for immediate help in their homes or care centers, etc.

Transporting medical equipment has never been so easy.

The movement in the health center will be light, comfortable and with quick openings to obtain the material need it as quickly as possible, Thanks to these characteristics, our bags are good candidates to take them in the ambulance, in this way the injured or sick person will have the best care.

For sports therapy we have a wide range developed for any healthcare facility on sports grounds. They are essential tools for Physiotherapists.

Specially designed for firefighters and rescuers in emergency situations. Making them lighter and with a better adaptation when transporting it. The material in this range is resistant, adapting to any terrain.