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At Élite Bags, Your Best Ally

Discover our The Emergency’s Light Bag, designed for ...professionals who need speed and efficiency in every intervention.⁣

Key Features:⁣

Optimized Organization:⁣

Two adjustable internal dividers and a mesh pocket on the flap for quick and orderly access to medical supplies.⁣

Additional Space:⁣

Three external pockets, two open and one front pocket subdivided with elastic bands, perfect for keeping everything in place.⁣

Ideal for paramedics, first aid personnel, and any professional who needs a practical and lightweight emergency solution. ⁣

Don’t miss out on yours!⁣

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Get Ready for Summer Emergencies with Elite Bags!⁣

Large fold-out ...first-aid kit bag⁣

Our largest and most versatile kit, ideal for transporting and organizing all necessary materials in emergency situations. Made from lightweight, high-resistance materials, the CURE’S XL is perfect for home, travel, and excursions. Its ample space even allows for carrying a full intubation kit in an organized manner. ⁣

Small fold-out first-aid kit bag.⁣

Compact yet highly functional, this kit is perfect for carrying your essential first aid supplies anywhere. Also suitable for transporting a small intubation kit, its design includes durable mesh pockets with an L-shaped opening for quick and secure access. Ideal for home, travel, and excursions. ⁣

This summer, make sure you’re prepared for any emergency with Elite Bags’ first aid kits. Your safety and peace of mind are our priority!⁣

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Introducing the MULTY’S from Elite Bags: your ultimate first aid kit.

Designed to ...provide essential support in emergency situations, it is ideal for professionals in physiotherapy, lifeguarding, and sports and recreational activities.

**Key Features:**

- Reinforcement tape for increased durability.

- Zippers with long pulls for easy and quick access.

- Padded shoulder strap and handle with hook-and-loop closure for comfortable carrying.

- Large main pocket with removable divider.

- Two internal side pockets.

- Twelve medium and eight large elastic bands inside.

- Two flat internal mesh pockets and a flat internal pocket for documents.

The MULTY’S ensures that all your supplies are organized and accessible when you need them most.

With Élite Bags, you are always ready to act with efficiency and professionalism.

#EliteBags #FirstAidKit #ProfessionalismAndSafety

Riñonera de Primeros Auxilios

Diseñada para emergencias, esta riñonera esencial ...cuenta con un cuerpo principal diáfano, perfecto para almacenar el material más voluminoso y necesario. Además, el compartimento frontal te permite acceder rápidamente a lo que más necesitas.⁣

Fabricada con poliéster Ripstop 600D, un tejido antidesgarro con hilos más gruesos para una mayor resistencia, garantiza durabilidad y protección en cualquier situación. Sus tres compartimentos con cremallera adicionales son ideales para el material auxiliar.⁣

¡Lleva la seguridad contigo a todas partes! #ÉliteBags #PrimerosAuxilios #SeguridadPrimero #EquipamientoDeEmergencia

Introducing the Elite MEDIC’S Bag by Elite Bags!

The Elite MEDIC’S bag is your ...ultimate solution for organized medical sports bags. Featuring internal honeycomb removable dividers and practical external pockets, this bag allows users to quickly and easily locate essential items when dealing with sports injuries.

Key features include:
- A high-capacity front pocket with elastic straps to secure bandages, syringes, and other medical components.
- Tall internal pockets, perfect for carrying liquids.
- A removable isothermal pouch for 41 medical ampoules.
- Meshed zipped pockets that keep contents visible even when closed.

Designed for comfort and versatility, the MEDIC’S bag comes with a padded handle with a hook and loop fastener, shoulder straps for backpack use, and a strap for external trolley compatibility.

Trust Elite Bags to keep you organized and ready for any medical emergency!

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¡Explora el Organizador Riñonera de Emergencias IBB’S de Elite Bags!⁣ 🏥🎒⁣

...Esta riñonera ajustable y de tamaño compacto te permite transportar de manera cómoda y organizada todo el material necesario para servicios de urgencias, ya sea para intervenciones iniciales o diagnósticos. Sus múltiples puntos de acceso aseguran la rápida y eficiente extracción de los elementos precisos en cada momento.⁣

¡Mantente preparado y organizado con el Organizador Riñonera de Emergencias IBB’S!⁣

#EliteBags #KitEmergencia #PrimerosAuxilios #AtenciónSanitaria

Discover the MEDIC’S Sports Medical Bag from Elite Bags! 🏥🎒

With a practical and ...comfortable design, this bag is designed to make your job easier in medical or sports emergencies. Its honeycomb internal organization allows you to quickly locate all necessary tools.

Take efficiency and comfort wherever you go with the MEDIC’S Sports Medical Bag.

#EliteBags #MedicalBag #Emergencies #Health #Organization

Relive our amazing experience at FIME 2024! ⁣

From June 19th to June 21st, 2024, ...Elite Bags was present at FIME 2024 at the Miami Beach Convention Center, and it was an unforgettable experience. ⁣

What happened during those days?⁣

We showcased our latest collection of bags and backpacks, and it was a huge success!⁣

Our innovative and functional designs captured the attention of all attendees.⁣

We offered exclusive promotions that delighted our customers.⁣

We had the pleasure of meeting many of you and sharing what makes Elite Bags unique.⁣

Thank you to everyone who visited us . Your support and enthusiasm made this event truly special.⁣

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Discover the GP’S Sports Medical Bag from Elite Bags! 🏥💼

This bag is specifically ...designed to transport medical supplies, featuring a honeycomb internal layout that allows for quick and precise access to all necessary items for efficient medical assistance.

Its compact size and versatility make it ideal not only for medical emergencies but also for physiotherapy professionals.

Take efficiency and organization to the next level with the GP’S Sports Medical Bag!

#EliteBags #MedicalBag #Physiotherapy #Health #Organization

Discover the SUIT&GO by Elite Bags!⁣

The high-capacity multidisciplinary medical ...bag⁣

Designed to meet the needs of any home care professional, the SUIT&GO perfectly adapts to your daily requirements. Its unique interior design allows it to be used as a worktable, thanks to its removable internal compartments and ample space for materials, instruments, or bulky equipment like a micromotor.⁣

Key features:⁣
- Removable compartments: Customized organization.⁣
- High capacity: Ideal for carrying everything you need.⁣

Optimize your work with the SUIT&GO, the bag that combines functionality and convenience.⁣

Take your professionalism to the next level with Elite Bags!⁣

#EliteBags #SuitAndGo #HealthcareProfessionals #HomeCare #Organization #innovation

¡Descubre el maletín médico Call’s! ⁣

Gracias a su distribución interna ...inteligente, tendrás acceso rápido a todo lo que necesitas, aumentando la eficacia en cada visita y asistencia a domicilio. ⁣

Además, su diseño moderno y versátil lo convierte en uno de los maletines más prácticos del mercado. No solo es funcional, sino que también luce increíble. ¡No te quedes sin el tuyo!

#Call’s #MaletínMédico #OrganizaciónEficaz #DiseñoModerno #AsistenciaDomiciliaria #ProfesionalesDeLaSalud #Innovación #practicidad

Meet the Light Emergency Bag! 🏥⁣

Designed for quick access and efficient ...organization, this bag includes two adjustable internal dividers and a mesh pocket on the flap. Plus, three external pockets—two open and one front pocket with internal elastic straps—ensure all your medical supplies are neatly stored and easy to reach.⁣

Optimize your response time with Elite Bags. ⁣

#EmergencyReady #MedicalSupplies #elitebags


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